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Payroll Services

Business Pillars offers all-inclusive payroll services that help your business run efficiently. We are committed to being legally compliant. Our services are built to simplify payroll processes for small to medium-sized businesses throughout Auckland, New Zealand.

We are certified with XERO And partnered with Smart Payroll & Crystal Payroll

All the Payroll shown below are processed are cloud base and can be seen in real-time.

We can also provide along with your software, where employees can enter time remotely on their mobile phone that is interfaced to the central Payroll, and it can be tracked.

This is very useful for businesses with various projects where part of the full-time can be allocated for the job.

payroll services

We provide the most updated payroll solutions Auckland tailored-made that is affordable to your requirement. We are committed to taking care of all the work demanded, allowing you to focus your time and energy on more essential things you love to do.

Our payroll services are:

Employees pay, On-time payments including benefits, reimbursements, deductions, Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly

• We can handle your entire Staff, whether they are Full-time, Part-time, Contractors 0r Casuals.

• If your Staff is rostered or non rostered Employee PAYE

• Ensure that the tax is computed at the correct rate code Payday Filing – Timely filing returns to IRD

• Ensure that the filing is done correctly on time and no fines are imposed.

• We usually inform the business owner a couple of days before filing the return. Leave entitlements – Allocation for each type of leave

• Ensure that the Leave accruals & leave takes are correctly accounted, for each employee

• Ensure that the employee receives their leave accrual on their anniversary,

• Ensure that the waiting period for leave is adhered to for new employees. Leave Payment - As per Holiday Act 2003

• Ensure that the correct leave rate is paid to the employee, Such as AWE, ADP or OWP. Kiwi Saver contributions – The correct rate is applied as per legislation or the discretion of the business if more than the legislation

• Record the Employers contribution Maintaining payroll records – payments and documentation Payroll Audit

• Provide a payroll audit on request for

• Employees leave

• The rate paid

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